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Series 3000 Trace Oxygen (O2) Analyzer / Sensor

O2 Analyzers

The Series 3000 Trace Oxygen Analyzers are rugged, microprocessor-controlled instruments designed for continuous or intermittent measurement of trace concentrations of oxygen. The Series 3000 Trace Oxygen Analyzers are available in single or three ranges, from 0-1 to 0-10,000 parts per million (ppm).

Features Benefits

Safe to use

Some oxygen sensors must be initially filled with potassium hydroxide (caustic), a hazardous material. The Series 3000 Trace Oxygen Sensor is sealed; there is no such safety hazard.

Economically priced

Affords savings up to 50% and more over other electro- chemical oxygen analyzers.

Minimum maintenance

The Series 3000 Sensor never requires routine addition of water or potassium hydroxide. Operating costs are reduced.

Full sensor warranty Ensures cost-effective operation. Beware of "limited" or "pro-rated" sensor warranties. Warranty replacement of one of our competitor's sensor can exceed $3,000.

Visual and audible alarms

Ensures the highest level of protection.

Optional RS-232C or RS-485 communications Control several monitors on one communications channel along with security code protection.

System Description
Featured with the instrument is an advanced electrochemical oxygen sensor that provides exceptional performance, accuracy, and stability. Its enhanced mechanical design ensures longer sensor life, and virtually eliminates leakage of electrolyte, a nagging problem with wet cells.

Learn about about sample system handling for oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzers

The eloquence of the Series 3000 Trace Oxygen Analyzers are their ease of use. The Series 3000 Trace Oxygen Analyzers are equipped with three oxygen alarms and one status alarm relay, all of which can be configured for fail-safe operation. In addition to the alarm relays, each instrument is equipped with audible and visual alarm indicators. Available in a wide number of mechanical configurations from explosion proof (NEMA 7) to watertight (NEMA 4), the Series 3000 Trace Oxygen Analyzer affords maximum flexibility to meet the demands of the process control market. The Series 3000 Trace Oxygen Analyzer is priced thousands of dollars less than some other manufacturers. So before making that purchase decision, we would be delighted to submit a quotation for your consideration.
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Measurement Ranges (parts per million)

0- 5,000
0- 50

0- 50/500/5,000
 0- 5/50/500

Accuracy¹: ±1% of full scale (±5% fs 0-1ppm range)
Linearity: ±1%
Response Time: 90% of full scale response in less than 10 seconds (typical). Recovery time for ranges <10 ppm will depend on the prevailing conditions.
Sensor Type: Patented Ambient Temperature Electrochemical Sensor
Temperature Compensation:  Standard
Operating Temperature:

  • 40° to 100° F (5° to 38° C)
  • <40° F use heated sensor enclosure
  • >100° F cooling of sensor required

Warranty: 3 years electronics,1 year sensor

Display: 0.4" (10.2 mm) high, 4-1/2 digit LCD

  • 0.1 ppm for ranges <100 ppm
  • 1.0 ppm for ranges >100 ppm

Input Power: 115/230 VAC, 50-60Hz or 18-32 VDC. NICAD battery backup available as an option for some models.
Outputs: 4-20 mADC and 0-2 VDC standard. RS-232C or RS-485 optional. TTL output with 3 range instruments.
Oxygen Alarm Relays: Three (3) SPDT Form C contacts rated 10 A @ 30 VDC/115/230 VAC. User selectable for fail-safe or non fail-safe.
Instrument Status Alarm: Rated identically to the O2 relays
Audible Alarm: Internal buzzer with audible cancel

Flow Rate:
1.0 to 2.0 SCFH (0.5 to 1.0 liter/min)
Sample Gas Temperature: 32° to 122° F (0° to 50° C)
Sample Gas Pressure: 0.1 to 1.0 psig (1.04 kg/cm² to 1.10 kg/cm²)
Entrained Solids:

  • <3 mg/ft³: no in-line filter required
  • >3 mg/ft³: in-line filter is required

Hydrocarbon Mist:

  • <0.7 mg/ft³: no in-line filter required
  • >0.7 mg/ft³: in-line filter is required

Electronics Control Unit (Benchtop):
 Polycarbonate with a hinged clear front cover,  rated NEMA 4X (IP 66)
Control Unit Dimensions:

  • 9.45 in. (240.5 mm) length
  • 6.50 in. (165.1 mm) width
  • 6.20 in. (157.5 mm) depth

Gas Connections: 1/4" compression fittings
Sensor Mounting: Local or optional remote mounting
Weight: 11lbs (4.98 kg) (Benchtop Config.)

¹ Stated at constant temperature and constant pressure.
² Other mechanical configurations available-consult factory.
³ Alpha Omega Instruments reserves the right to change or modify its product specifications without notice.
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Explosion Proof Version

O2 Analyzers

Series 3000 Trace Oxygen Analyzer with Electronics and Sensor in an Explosion Proof (NEMA 7) Enclosure


O2 sensors

Series 3000 Trace Oxygen Analyzer with Electronics in a Panel Mounted Enclosure and Sensor in a Remote Explosion Proof (NEMA 7) Enclosure
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O2 Analyzers